Fuel Types

Predicting the potential behavior and effects of wildland fire is an essential task in fire management. Mathematical surface fire behavior and fire effects models and prediction systems are driven in part by fuelbed inputs such as load, bulk density, fuel particle size, heat content, and moisture of extinction. To facilitate use in models and systems, fuelbed inputs have been formulated into fuel models. A fuel model is a set of fuelbed inputs needed by a particular fire behavior or fire effects model.

AratosFire uses the fuel models as they are described by Scott and Burgan.
Fuel Types are as follows:
  • NB, nonburnable
  • GR, grass
  • GS, grass shrub
  • SH, shrub
  • TU, Timber Understory
  • TL, Timber Litter
  • SB, Slash Blowdown
The NB fuel models are not used in AratosFire. User can select from a variety of 54 fuel models depending on the fuel model which better describes his area of interest.

Take a look at the fuel types which are used in AratosFire here.